Q: What is Computer Care Secure?

A: It is like health insurance for your computer, but instead of focusing on when you get sick, we focus on preventative maintenance. It provides an inexpensive maintenance program for your computer tool to keep it running in top condition.

Q: Why do I need Computer Care Secure?

A: What happens if you go a year without changing the oil on your car? Your engine can seize up. What if you never change your tires or check your brakes? You run the potential of having a major accident. With your computer, what happens if you get a virus? Your personal information, like bank accounts, credit cards and social security numbers, can be stolen causing financial problems, identity theft and stress.

Q: It all sounds good, but I don’t want to pay a monthly fee?

A: We offer two ways to pay, you can pre-pay for a year subscription. At the end of the year we will send you an invoice about a month before and then bill your credit card or checking account for the next year. Our month to month plan is billed to your credit card or checking account at the beginning of every month.

Q: Does it include anti-virus?

A: We include the same Enterprise level anti-virus that we provide to many of our business clients. This is a managed anti-virus that we can monitor to make sure it is working and staying updated. If we see any problems with it, we will contact you.

Q: Why do I need Computer Care Secure if I have anti-virus software installed?

A: Anti-virus software is meant to prevent a virus from getting on your computer. There is not a program in existence that can do this 100% of the time. Once a virus gets on the computer, most anti-virus software is unable to remove it. Without the Computer Care Secure a virus removal will cost you $159. Plus, anti-virus software does not update your windows and application software, we do. Anti-virus software does not test your hardware, we do. Anti-virus software is definitely a must for every computer. However, it is only one of the tools needed to effectively maintain your computer.

Q: So you can support my computer remotely?

A: Definitely! After you contact us and we do a brief diagnosis, we will then start a ticket for and schedule a time to work on your computer ASAP.

Q: Does this mean you can get into my computer at any time?

A: We respect your privacy. You will have to log in to us to give us access. On occasion, we can set up an unattended access, if you are going to be away from your computer and want us to work on it, but we will set a time limit. We are available for remote access by agreement.

Q: I don’t know if I would even use the service. Why should I get it now?

A: In a word: Value. By having a well maintained computer you limit your exposure to nasty viruses that can damage your photos, lockup your computer, steal your identity, and spam your friends and family. Viruses today can even reach out and infect your friends and family’s computers. If your hardware is tested and maintained we can not only make it last longer, but we can detect major failures before they happen. If your hard drive fails you get little to no warning. With our maintenance program we can check for the signs of failure and get it replaced before you lose your photos, music and financial documents. You pay for the part but the labor is included under Computer Care Secure.