Please READ NOW!!

We have learned of a CRITICAL UPDATE to ADOBE FLASH PLAYER that should be applied immediately.

Select the appropriate update for your system(s) via this Adobe site:

At that site you will find updates for various operating systems. Some of the updates are provided by Adobe and some by Microsoft. Choose the update that applies to your system(s).

For more information please refer to this:

or this:

This threat uses phishing to get folks to download the malware that then executes within Microsoft Office files. Always be suspicious of email with attachments that are unexpected, unexplained why they're being included or from unknown sources.

Most exploits rely on gullible users to download and open items that they are not sure are "safe" and thereby infect themselves and/or spread unwittingly. Be suspicious of any unexpected email! Especially items with undocumented/unexpected attachments.

Secure computing depends on YOU!