An Easy Way for You to Lower Your IT Support Costs While Practically Eliminating Frustrating Computer Problems, Error Messages and Downtime And Giving You “Computer Peace of Mind

Announcing Our New Computer Care Secure. A Plan Designed to Lower Your IT Costs While Making Your Computer Run Faster and With Fewer Problems.

Thanks to our new Computer Care Secure plan we provide an inexpensive maintenance program
for your computer and keep it running in top condition *

Ann & Ron Lewis

Computer Care
51 Holy Cross Rd
Colchester, VT 05446


And we will contact you as soon as possible to get started on road to “Computer Peace of Mind.”

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*Program Requirements: for a computer to be covered under Computer Care SecureComputer Care must insure there are no pre-existing conditions with your computer.  We must perform a Complete System Repair on your existing computer or a Complete System Set Up on any new computer purchased.  This will guarantee your computer is problem free upon completion.